Custom-made promotional gift chocolate and sweets


We make your selected sweets according to your wish and put them into customised packaging.


Among the most popular box fillings are the so-called miniatures – pieces of chocolate from 5.5 gr. to 25 gr. that can be wrapped according to your wish (for example printed wrapping with your graphics, logo, text etc.)

We are able to make your own customised chocolate bar with your logo or other graphics. Since this option has its particularities (for example size of the bar, demands of the graphics), we will go through all the details with you first and then we will suggest the specific possibilities of customisation and branding.

Selected chocolate bars:
- 70% extra dark chocolate
- dark chocolate with cranberries
- milk chocolate with prunes
- sugar free chocolate, chocolate bars with edible gold/silver and more


Each of our pralines is made from the highest quality ingredients. Thanks to that we can offer you world-class pralines from dark or milk chocolate.

Our offer also contains our speciality from dark and white chocolate – Globuli Carolini (“Charles ball”). Inside this traditional Czech praline you will find a delicious filling made from poppy seeds and dried plums macerated in the Czech rum “Tuzemák“.

Selected pralines:

- prunes in rum
- pistachio marzipan
- chocolate cream with brandy
- marzipan with brandy and hazelnuts
- Globuli Carolini (dark and white chocolate, plums, poppy seeds and Czech rum “Tuzemák”)

Almonds in chocolate

Are you looking for the chocolate bestseller? Our almonds in chocolate belong to the most-liked fillings and they have been awarded with the prestigious International Great Taste stars.

Selected kinds and flavours of our almonds in chocolate:

- in milk chocolate and cinnamon
- in milk chocolate and ginger
- in dark chocolate and cocoa
- in dark chocolate and cinnamon
- in dark chocolate and chilli & salt
- in dark chocolate and moringa powder
- in white chocolate with raspberries
- in three layers of chocolate (white, dark and milk)

(Moringa powder is made from leaves from an exotic tree and is beneficial for our psyche, contains 14 times more calcium than milk and a higher amount of fibre)


You can choose from other contents. We can put into your packaging for example our energizing coffee beans in chocolate, raisins in chocolate, nuts in chocolate or excellent Ceylon tea.


- coffee beans in milk or dark chocolate
- raisins in milk chocolate
- nuts in dark or milk chocolate
- Czech nougat
- certified Ceylon tea and more

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