Promotional and gift chocolate and sweets in custom-made packaging


We will adjust your selected packaging according to your ideas and fill it with the sweets of your choice.

Paper promotional and gift packaging

We offer customised paper bags, boxes of various sizes and shapes, paper covers, chocolate miniatures and pralines wrapping and other traditional promotion and gift paper packaging.

To customise your packaging for individual kinds of sweets we apply your design and logo right on the template or we will discuss some possibilities of modification of an already existing design with you.

We offer as well the possibility of a simple packaging customisation by means of a sticker with your logo or desired graphics. This solution keeps our existing standard design with no changes.

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​Wooden promotional and gift packaging

​​If you want to captivate your partners or employees, choose the customised gift cases, chests and boxes. We make them from various types of wood and plywood. We are able to make up packaging of unique size and shape according to our client’s wish.

​Most often we place your logo or selected design on the wood by means of wood-burning or engraving. Laser wood-burning allows us to apply any design – from a logo through drawing to photo. Customised boxes can be decorated with a printed ribbon or paper band.

In these boxes you can give a wide range of our sweets:
- pralines (with nougat, marzipan, prunes etc.)
- almonds in dark or milk chocolate
- dark, milk or white chocolate pieces and other delicacies

Contact us! We will help you choose the right packaging and its contents.

​Metal promotional and gift packaging

Tin boxes full of delicious sweets are very popular among our customers and fit well as corporate gifts for your colleagues and business partners.

​You can choose from several shapes and designs from our standard range of tin boxes. In case of large orders we are ready to make completely custom-made boxes including your desired shape and graphics

​We can apply your logo or graphics on the body or lid of the box using laser engraving, stickers or printed paper bands.

​Logo or graphics engraving on a wooden lid of our special tin boxes is available for a limited order amount.

​Other promotional and gift packaging

We also offer promotional packaging from special materials such as glass, textile, leather, metal and others. The most popular glass packages are various glass jars, glasses or plates. The customisation is carried out by using laser engraving, stickers with your logo or an elegant printed ribbon.

Gift packaging from leather and textile is also available and among the most popular leather products is our medieval leather pouches filled with various sweets.

We are always thrilled to receive unusual and special demands and we are ready to comply to your wishes. Imagination knows no bounds – creating a unique gift package is a challenge for us, which we always meet with genuine enthusiasm.

​We will help you choose the right packaging and content.

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